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Attachments can be a bit of a prickly area in Salesforce. Using the standard Attach a File button is tedious, with multiple button clicks and some tight limits on file size. 5MB is just a bit too small most of the time, and since this rule also applies to Email-to-Case, you might be missing some important communications from clients who attach larger files. Salesforce has been listening, and I have some good news on both fronts!

Using the Attach a File Chatter Action, files are pushed from Chatter straight into the Notes and Attachments section on your records. This means that you now have a much more user friendly interface for attaching files to a record and having everything right where you need it. Just click share, and it’s there! And what’s more, Summer ’14 is bringing an update allowing attachments (and emails) up to 25MB, meaning less bounces, less headaches, and a much happier team! Keep an eye out for your Summer ’14 release date, and enjoy all the awesome new features!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys