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Thumbs Up!

Chatter is an awesome collaboration tool that lets you connect with your internal users, partners, and customers to ask questions, share ideas, and work together towards success. Salesforce has its own vibrant Chatter community, and we like to share our tips there to help other users and developers improve their systems. In turn, we frequently get fantastic feedback that helps us hone our own ideas and bring you better tips each week. Last week’s post on giving your users a guided workflow utilizing the Next Step field received such a response from community member Tyler Swinyard. It was so good, we wanted to share it with you! Check out his response below, and read the full thread here.

Thanks for the post @Henry Abenaim (CloudMyBiz). Your post’s workflow is great. I adopted a method like this while at my previous organization and loved it.

We’d use a “next step” text field paired up with a “next step due date” date field. We’d then use [list views] and found it to be an elegant way to remove the “thinking” from our daily activities. It also [eliminated] the need to create tasks. I’d go the extra step launch the list view results (next step due date less/equal to today) into PowerDialer by InsideSales.com. Basically, knowing what I should be doing and when were fully automated. I loved it.

Additionally, enabling field tracking for your “Next Step” field is an easy way to automate visibility for the “previous step.”

Hoping to see you at Dreamforce and share more great ideas with all of you next week!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys