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Salesforce comes with a few pre-set sales stages to get you going, including: prospecting, qualification, proposal/price quote and others. As the basic structure for any sales process, they are applicable and get the job done for a majority of sales processes. However, maybe your company has an unique process and a stage or two that doesn’t quite fit into any of the default Opportunity Stages in Salesforce. How can you fix this? Well there is an easy way to change your process in Salesforce:

You have a few customization options from the app setup menu. Add: Create a completely new stage for your sales process and insert it where necessary. Change: You can easily modify the stage name to something better suited to your process. Delete: You can also delete unnecessary stages to make your process more streamlined. Click the link below for a quick walk through on each of these processes. If these quick customizations aren’t enough, the Salesforce experts at CloudMyBiz are always happy to help create your perfect sales process.

Add, Change or Delete Opportunity Stage Names

-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team