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Cut the clutter

Have you ever searched for that one specific record, but couldn’t remember enough details to find it? Is keeping track of all the Leads and Contacts you saw at that tradeshow a hassle? Is this sounding familiar? If you’ve been reading our Tip of the Week for a while, you may remember my post on Tags in Salesforce. Tags were a great way to cut the clutter and organize your records, but as they say, that’s so last year! Topics in Salesforce, part of the Spring ’14 release and still hot out of the oven, is the latest, greatest tool for organizing everything.

Topics help you find what you need and who you need to talk to fast. Like Tags, Salesforce lets you add Topics to nearly any record (including Reports and Dashboards) in the system, building on the popularity of adding #hashtags to categorize Chatter posts. Topics let you organize and quickly find all records related to a specific topic. You can find records related to a topic from the Global Search bar, by clicking on the Topic from a record, and even in List Views (which is a fantastic way to promote user adoption and build on the value they provide).  If you’re already enthused about Topics, tell us how they’re helping your team succeed!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys