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Developers, this week’s post is for you! If you’re a Salesforce developer, there’s a good chance you’ve tried (and maybe even given up on) the Salesforce plugin for the Eclipse IDE. The problem with Eclipse for Salesforce is that it just didn’t offer the same kinds of tools you’d expect from an IDE. Well, last year, Salesforce released an update that might be worth giving Eclipse another shot.

New in Winter ’16, Salesforce has released the Apex Debugger as an extension to the standard Force.com plugin for Eclipse. The tool is designed to behave similarly to debuggers available for other languages, giving you the ability to set breakpoints, view variables, and much more. This powerful tool might be just what you’ve been waiting for from Eclipse, and you should check it out today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys

P.S.: You might want to check out the video below for more info. The relevant section begins around 13:55.