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The real power in Salesforce comes from relationships. Contacts are related to Accounts, Cases are related to Contacts, Opportunities have Contacts and Accounts, and the list goes on and on. The more time you put into developing strong connections between your objects in Salesforce, the more benefit you get from limited duplicates and useful related lists that give you a full 360 degree view into your customers’ interactions with your company. Relationships are created through lookup fields within Salesforce. Unfortunately, the search functionality of the lookup window is limited, and if all you have is a phone number or email address, it can be frustrating having to go into the global search to find the right record. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the full global search power straight from the lookup window? Well, you can with Enhanced Lookups!

To turn on Enhanced Lookup in your org, go to Setup -> Customize -> Search -> Search Settings, then enable Enhanced Lookup and choose which objects should have access to this feature. Once you’ve turned on this feature, you will have the option to select All Fields when you’re in the Lookup window to search by any field on the object, such as Account Number or Email Address. With this feature, you get the power of universal search even in your lookup windows! Try out Enhanced Lookup today and enjoy a more powerful Salesforce than ever before!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys