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Salesforce App for Outlook

If you’ve been on the Salesforce platform for a while, you probably know that you can integrate Salesforce with Microsoft Outlook. Over the years, the integration has improved, with new features and enhancements every release or so, but installing it is a pain, maintenance can be complicated, and IT tends to have to play a role every step of the way. No more with the new Salesforce App for Outlook!

Released in beta in March, the Salesforce App for Outlook is a cloud-based application that beautifully and effortlessly ties your Salesforce and Outlook applications with no installation required. The reviews are a bit weak, but I think that speaks to this being a beta release, and I’m a big fan! There’s a lot of room for growth with some important features still in the works, but it looks extremely promising! Expect big things as this application grows, and expect to see more awesome stuff come out of Salesforce and Microsoft’s strategic partnership! Check out the listing, read more here and check out the videos, and get ready to give your IT team a break!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys