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Good News!

This week, we bring you a quick tip for the busy admin. You’re working hard to build new fields, workflows, layouts, and profiles to bring your team the new tools they need to do their jobs faster and more efficiently than they ever dreamed. You’re trying to help them troubleshoot issues by phone and email and screen share. What you need more than anything is the ability to log in as your users to make sure everything is in order. Well, you can if you log a Case with Salesforce support, but then you’re going to be waiting around until someone can help you and open up this feature. You’re the admin. You should be able to turn this on yourself. And with the Summer ’15 update, you can!

Good news everyone! Salesforce is making the “Administrators Can Log In As Any User” setting available to all Salesforce orgs in the Summer ’15 release. No more need to log a Case with Salesforce and sit around waiting until the feature is enabled. Now you can turn the feature on and off as necessary, log in as your users, test your customizations, and troubleshoot issues when they arise with a little less headache. Get the details for opening up this access here. Excited? We are!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys