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Salesforce Activities can be an invaluable tool for your organization. Events can help your team manage and sync their schedules, Tasks help ensure everything gets done in a timely fashion, and when your team is good at logging their activities, the notes are available to keep everyone appraised on the status of every Account, Contact, and Lead. But everyone has their own style of logging calls and meetings, and it can be difficult to follow all of those notes. Well, we have a few suggestions to help you clean up your Activities in our first Tip of the Week for 2014!

“Call”, “Called client”, “VM”, “LVM”, “Voicemail”, you just want to know how much time your team is spending on the phone. Help your team out by giving them a list of the most used subjects (see instructions here) to keep everything consistent. It will also help them log their Activities in record time. Want to see a report with only notes from sales pitch meetings? Add a custom Reason picklist field to activities to help pull out only what you need. And if you really need to bring the most important notes to the top of the list for management, The ButtonClick Admin has some great advice! Check it out here.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys