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One of the most underutilized features of Salesforce is its ease of integration. If you’ve been a Salesforce customer for a while, you’re probably leveraging simple integrations with tools like Conga and DocuSign to streamline document generation and get back signatures at a rapid pace. You may also be integrated with a CTI tool to connect Salesforce data with your phone bank. But Salesforce can do so much more!

If your business needs to pull credit or research companies and individuals for crediting decisions, identity verification, or any other reason, there’s some fantastic tools on the AppExchange like LASER Credit, Experian FusionIQ, and LexisNexis for Salesforce. You can integrate with eFax solutions to get docs out fast without ever having to print or leave your desk. SMS integrations let you easily send text messages to customers and prospects and log those communications within the system. If you have an in-house dev team or a trusted Salesforce partner at your disposal, you can integrate with nearly any tool with available APIs surprisingly easily within the Salesforce platform. And if you want to get really creative but don’t have the resources at your disposal to build that crazy, custom integration, like with an internal database, powerful middleware tools like Jitterbit are available to make your integration dreams come true! If you’re spending too much time in external systems and 3rd party portals, it’s time to integrate! So hop on the AppExchange or contact us today.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys