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As you may know, with the Spring 2017 update of Salesforce, many different features were upgraded or modified. But did you know your picklist integrations also got a tune up? Before now, when an admin renamed a picklist value, the integrations referencing the value had to be updated, such as through Data Import & Export, Apex, SOQL, etc. However, that has all changed. The solution: each picklist value is now represented with a label and an API name. Thus when an admin changes the label associated with a picklist value, the underlying API name will keep the associations the same and prevent integrations from breaking.

In addition to the ability to rename a picklist values’ label and API name, admins can block all picklist values’ API names from being changed by setting up a special permission. This feature is useful when you have multiple admins in your org and you want to make sure they don’t accidentally break integrations based on picklist values.

Click here for more details and examples!.

-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys