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Leads are the standard starting point of all sales in Salesforce. Leads come in by the droves from the web, purchased lists, trade shows, and more, and your team works like mad to qualify and convert those leads into real opportunities, and better yet, sales. But the value of your leads doesn’t stop once they’re converted. If you learn how to leverage data from all your leads, even the converted ones, you can move beyond the mad rush and find ways to target the most valuable leads for even more closed deals.

Accessing data from converted Leads can seem foreign if you’re new to Salesforce, as you can’t access them from standard list views or even links, but it is actually quite simple. Using a standard Leads Report, you can view all Leads which have come through your pipeline. Add the “Converted” standard checkbox, summarize that field, group by Lead Source, and add a chart showing % converted by Lead Source to see which channels are bringing you the most qualified Leads. Using the standard Leads with converted lead information Report brings in Opportunity data for any of those Leads which have converted, so that you can now see both conversion percentage, and average and total amount won for any related Opportunities. Add custom formulas to give you even more valuable info, get creative, and soon you’ll be able to leverage this data to direct your team towards the most valuable Leads!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys