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Moving offices? Working from home? Working with a remote contractor? If you’re a Salesforce user, you’re probably very familiar with that pesky login verification process – you try to log in and instead are redirected to a page that asks for a verification code which was sent to your email, and you can’t get to work until you enter that code. It can be very frustrating and slow down your whole team. And day 1 at a new office, the last thing you need are roadblocks. Wouldn’t it be so much easier to bypass this whole process and get to work immediately? I’ve got an easy solution for you!

To whitelist an IP address and avoid the account verification process, log in to Salesforce and go to Setup -> Security Controls -> Network Access. Click New, then enter your trusted IP range (if you enter the same thing in the Start IP Address and End IP Address, you are only whitelisting that single IP – which is pretty common). If you don’t know your IP address, simply go to Google and type “what’s my IP” in the search window. Whitelisting IP addresses isn’t just useful for getting into your system without delays or issues, it is also helpful for integrations and development. A device trying to connect for integration (like the DataLoader, Eclipse IDE, or internal Accounting system) from a whitelisted IP address doesn’t need to include a security token, making the job of a developer or admin easier than ever. It couldn’t be easier. Give it a try today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys