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Over the last few weeks, you’ve seen a lot of excitement from me about the Process Builder. You may think that now that there is this fantastic tool that lets you visualize your process automation while you’re building it, traditional Workflow rules are a thing of the past. But for now, that’s not the case. The Process Builder has a few limitations of its own that are avoided by Workflow rules, which is reason enough to keep an eye on both, but the real big win is leveraging the process builder to help drive your existing automations. Let’s use last week’s post as an example.

Last week, I shared a Process Builder use case where when an Account is closed, I wanted all related Cases to also be closed out. The problem today is that when a case is closed due to the Account being closed, it wreaks havoc on my Case Resolution Time reports – some of those cases may have been open longer than usual while I was trying to get the account back on track and others may be brand new. I already created an “Exclude from Reports” checkbox and a Workflow Rule to update it when a Case is Closed after the Account was closed. After the Process we built last week fires, the Workflow Rule takes over, ensuring my metrics stay clean. Leveraging the new Process Builder tool, I was able to supplement my preexisting Workflow Rules and make them more powerful than ever.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys