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There are a number of circumstances where deleting all records under an object can be crucial to your business’s success. Have you been finalizing Production testing on a custom integration? Have you completed the test phase for a new process and are ready to roll it out? Have you decided to migrate records from a legacy Object before repurposing it? You don’t want to delete the object, just the hundreds, thousands, or millions of records associated. If you’re already in tears thinking about the time it will take to use the data loader to remove these records, then dry your eyes and keep reading!

Salesforce allows you to truncate any custom object. Truncation in Salesforce deletes all records associated to a custom object while preserving all associated metadata – fields, lookups, formulas, workflows, validations, sharing settings, list views, etc. In just a few minutes, you can clear out all junk or legacy data and get your team up and running in a shiny new object! Truncating isn’t the solution for every situation, and I recommend you check out Salesforce Help to decide if it’s the right solution for you. Good luck on all your exciting summer builds!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys