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By default, Salesforce accounts are designed to function as Business accounts. In a nutshell, business accounts are used to store information about companies or other entities. However, there is another option available. Person accounts. Person accounts are used to store information about individuals and can easily be set up by a Salesforce admin, after all considerations have been made.

This can be helpful to your org if your customers are primarily individual consumers, such as online shoppers. The person account doesn’t function exactly the same as a business account. For example, person accounts don’t have direct relations with other accounts or contact records. The best idea is to take a little time, and research the differences (and it should be kept in mind that switching to Person Accounts cannot be reversed), but if you are a good fit, switching to person accounts can be a big boost to your business.

Learn more about the features of person accounts!

-Ryan and the Salesforce Guys