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This blog is all about finding solutions to improve your day-to-day Salesforce experience. Often, that means building cool formulas or workflows, leveraging URL hacking to speed up processes, and occasionally even introducing you to basic code. But sometimes the most powerful updates are the simplest, and the ones we, living in Salesforce as we do, don’t always think about. Having a strong understanding of how to streamline your Salesforce Page Layouts can have an immediate and powerful impact on user experience and adoption, and make your system more fun and easy to use.

When updating your page layouts, the first thing to focus on is Sections. Adding new sections can help organize your data to make it more accessible to your team. Double click on the section header (or click the wrench icon) in the Page Layout editor to choose between one and two columns or tell the system if the tab key will take you to the next field down or across. Unchecking Detail Page and Edit Page in these settings will hide the section header, making any fields cascade into the section above. This is a great way to display Details or Notes fields, cutting down on the vertical space required to display long text. Add blank spaces to create a small break between different types of data without adding a whole section, or to make related fields line up across from each other. Add Embedded Report Charts and Visualforce elements to take your layouts to a whole new level! It’s easy, so why not go and give your Salesforce Page Layouts a makeover today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys