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I often like to use this blog to introduce users to powerful, underutilized tools available in the Salesforce platform. This week, I’d like to highlight one that I see all too rarely. If you’re in the business of sales, you’re probably used to the sometimes complicated process of building quotes for your customers. You might need to build multiple quotes, each one going through multiple iterations, each time creating a new PDF to send to your customer. Doing this by hand is slow and frustrating, and building this out custom would take a lot of effort and require multiple 3rd-party applications or heavy custom development. Or, you could use Salesforce Quotes and get all these powerful features out of the box!

Released a few years ago, Quotes are an incredibly powerful tool in Salesforce. From an Opportunity, you can add as many new Quotes you need. Add multiple Products at once in a simple process. When everything is ready, click a button to generate a PDF and save it to the record and/or email it to your customer. It will even record each PDF version for your records. If you need a custom Quote template, there’s no need for a 3rd-party application – you can build your template in a simple, yet robust Page Layout editor. If you’re not already using Quotes in Salesforce, you need to give it a try today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys