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Health Check

These days, everything is in the cloud, and that’s a good thing. Your data, calendar, files, and everything else follow you wherever you go on the globe. But that also means that hackers have easier access to that data. Keeping your system secure protects your business and customers, and it’s absolutely critical. In the past, securing Salesforce involved tracking down the various security settings, reading articles and notes for best practices, and invoking a fair deal of guess work. With Spring ’16, you security conscious folk have a treat waiting for you!

The Spring ’16 release of Salesforce brings with it Health Check, your 1-stop-shop for managing security in Salesforce. To access Health Check, simply go to Setup -> Security Controls -> Health Check. Right away, it will assess your risk level with an easy-to-understand chart, show you your current security settings compared to best practices, and give you the opportunity to edit them right there. This revolutionary update will streamline your security management and should give all admins and IT teams peace of mind that their Salesforce is secure!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys