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Importing data into Salesforce gets easier every day. There’s tons of tools and tutorials to get you through the process. If the native Import Wizard or dataloader.io will do the trick, then you’ve got perfect platform-agnostic utilities to get your data in the system. But if you have specific needs which require Salesforce’s Dataloader desktop application, or if you’re simply more comfortable with that tool, you’re stuck working exclusively on PCs. There’s a Mac tool called LexiLoader available, but being a 3rd party application, there are some limitations, and it’s not supported by Salesforce. Well, dear Mac user, I’ve got good news for you! Salesforce has released a Mac version of the Dataloader!

Released with Summer ’15, the new Mac Dataloader tool is easy to download and use. As with the PC version, in Salesforce, go to Setup -> Data Management -> Data Loader, then simply click “Download the Data Loader for Mac”. The application will download pretty quickly, and you’ll be up and running in that familiar interface in no time flat! Check out the release notes for all the details, and congrats Mac users on this exciting development!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys