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Salesforce1 Simulator

One of my favorite things about Salesforce is the immediate feedback. Whether you’re an end user, system administrator, or developer, every update is registered almost instantly. There’s rarely a need to wait for anything you do to be reflected in the system, meaning rapid development and seamless upgrades and improvements. But if your team uses Salesforce1 extensively, admins and developers have the challenge of having to bounce between their desktop and mobile devices constantly to see how their updates effect the user experience. You can use the standard mobile simulator, but unfortunately it doesn’t always give an accurate view of what your team is seeing on their smartphones, which can be frustrating in a high paced work environment. What you need is a way to get an accurate view of the user experience without having to pick up a phone. Enter the Chrome Salesforce1 Simulator!

The Salesforce1 Simulator gives you a look into the UI of Salesforce1 straight from your desktop. Framed by a simulated phone or tablet, what you see is what you get. With this app, you can make your updates, refresh, and see exactly what your team in the field will see in an instant. This simple tool brings the immediate feedback I love about Salesforce to your mobile development. And the price tag of $free makes it a no-brainer for any Salesforce administrator or developer to add it to their toolbox. Check it out!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys