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Getting work out to the best agents in real time is always a challenge, and Salesforce has addressed that challenge with Omni-Channel. Omni-Channel seamlessly streams Leads, Cases, and most standard and custom Salesforce objects directly to the correct agents based on specialty, availability, and current bandwidth. The problem is that to get the most out of this cool, new(ish) tool, you needed to purchase the Console, which was a pricey add-on. Well, times have changed, and now is the perfect time to evaluate Salesforce Omni-Channel for your team!

You may have heard that Salesforce recently changed their pricing structure, rolling out major add-ons as standard features for a relatively minor price increase, and if you were already locked into your Salesforce contract, you’re getting those features at no additional cost! One of the most exciting new inclusions for the Enterprise Edition and up is the Sales and/or Service Console. Now that basically everyone has this in their toolkit, you’re in a great place to roll out Omni-Channel with the Console and supercharge all of your processes today! So don’t wait – read the release notes, check out the implementation guide, and dive in!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys