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From large to small, every release of Salesforce, (Spring, Summer and Winter) includes changes and tweaks to many different features. As one of the small changes in this year’s Winter ‘18 release, the search function has become smarter and faster in this year’s. The search changes are seemingly simple, so you might not notice them if you don’t know what to look for.

First, the instant results that appear under the search box now have a spell check function, helping you enter the correct search keywords, even if you aren’t the best at spelling. Following that is a trio of features that can make scanning and using search results a breeze. You can resize results columns, toggle the text results to wrap, and easily sort your search results. So now that you know, pull up that search bar and check out these handy new upgrades. Unfortunately, these improved search features will not be standard for everyone. As of now, these improved search functions are only taking effect on instances of Salesforce Lightning.

-Ryan and the CMB Team