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Salesforce Shield

Salesforce is a powerful platform with nearly limitless possibilities. Drag and drop features and easy to use wizards bring tools to the everyday user with “clicks, not code”, while the Force.com platform empowers experienced developers to reach for the clouds and beyond. But highly regulated industries dealing in sensitive data have special needs to meet compliance, and enterprise level businesses have enhanced tracking requirements to ensure the tools they build are being used to their fullest potential, leaving many businesses searching for outdated systems or scraping by on the status quo of their old proprietary database. Salesforce Shield aims to shift that paradigm.

Salesforce Shield brings new control and insight to the platform. This recently announced native Salesforce feature offers enhanced event monitoring, field auditing, and platform encryption to bring your org to the next level. Event monitoring allows deeper insights into daily application usage, the new Field Audit Trail expands field history tracking to 60 fields per object and 10 years of auditing, and platform encryption gives tighter control over sensitive data while allowing access to crucial business automation tools. Read more about Salesforce Shield here and let us know what features are most exciting to you!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys