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Time keeps on ticking

No matter how much time and energy you put into optimizing your Salesforce org, you’ll never be able to get around the fact that sometimes you have to put fingers to keys and enter data manually. Whether you’re on the phone with a customer, reviewing and updating your records, or just throwing a new Opportunity in your sales pipeline after getting an email, those little seconds can add up into minutes and hours fast. Well, I’d like to help you steal back some of that time with some tips and tricks from the vaults.

Do you type in a lot of nice round numbers in the thousands? Maybe your customer wants to buy 5000 cool widgets or a donor wants to give you $15,000 for a new grant. Typing out those three zeroes every time gets tedious. Try replacing them with “k” (1k, 5k, 250k). Go on, I’ll wait here while you give it a try. Nifty, no? How about those pesky phone numbers, don’t you hate having to properly format them every time? Don’t! Just type in the numbers and Salesforce will figure out the rest! Extension? No problem, just add an “x” between it and the rest of the number. And if you really hate taking your hands off the keys to click “Save” after editing a record, did you know you can save by just hitting Enter? It won’t work if you’re in a text area (regular, long, or advanced), but it will work even if you’re doing inline edits. Enjoy these quick little tips that will save you seconds, minutes, and even hours every day!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys