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Flow Chart

A brand new lead is different from a lead you’ve been grooming for two weeks. The information you collect on call #1 helps you qualify the lead, but when they’re starting to show interest in your product, much of that information is far less relevant. Similarly, the information you need on call #8 is probably irrelevant at the beginning of the process. Having every field for every stage of the process on one page can get a bit messy and forces your team to sift through irrelevant data to find the pieces they care about at any stage in the process. This will slow down onboarding new team members and generally reduce productivity. Wouldn’t it be great if the page layout would change based on the stage of the lead to put the most important information right at your fingertips? No worries, Salesforce has you covered!

All you have to do to optimize page layouts for the stage of Leads (or any other object in Salesforce) is create multiple Record Types. Create a new Page Layout corresponding to each record type and assign the layouts accordingly. Now, create a few Workflow Rules to change the Record Type based on any number of factors on the record. Status and Stage are two great fields to base this logic on. Now when you change the Status from New to Qualified, the page layout will change to reflect the next pieces of information you need to gather to move forward and generate revenue!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys