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Having a Salesforce consultant to help you along your journey to CRM success is an invaluable resource. Your consultant is an expert in building a strong architecture, anticipating future requirements, and identifying potential challenges and valuable improvements based on your needs. But consulting services can be expensive. Having someone on your team who can take care of simple administrative tasks is a powerful way to maximize your investment in your CRM. The following are some tasks your team should know how to do in-house.

  • Creating new fields is an easy process, and with a little googling or a quick training session with your consultant, anyone on your team can learn how to add more data points to your system. That doesn’t mean you should just create fields whenever you want – check in with your consultant if it’s something critical or if it would require a large number of fields.
  • Additionally, you should know how to update picklists – again, check with your consultant if this may effect automations or integrations, but otherwise, it’s an easy process.
  • Knowing how to build simple workflow rules lets your team take ownership of system automations.
  • Knowing how to create List Views, Reports, and Dashboards gives you power over your data.
  • Finally, your team should know how to create, refresh, test, and deploy from a Sandbox – this will let you test even more complex requirements without fear of breaking something important.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys