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Chatter Dos and Don'ts

For most businesses, collaboration is key to success, and Salesforce Chatter is the perfect tool. When asked to describe Chatter, I tend to refer to it as Facebook meets Twitter meets Salesforce. Chatter brings you all the social media tools you’re used to outside of the office and builds it on top of your Salesforce system to give you the ability to make comments, create polls, reach out for help, and offer support in public and private groups, as well as directly on any Salesforce record. But in today’s social media crazed world where public and private frequently collide, the lines between business and leisure can blur, leaving users and administrators alike asking themselves, “is this okay to post on Chatter?” Don’t worry, we’ve got some good rules of thumb.

Chatter really shines with mentoring employees and offering real time coaching. Groups are great for bringing new hires up to speed, offering training, and giving a forum for team members to ask questions and get help. You should participate by asking and answering questions and sharing information, keep your posts relevant to work, keep them brief, and use Chatter as a replacement to low priority emails. Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want your HR team to read, write long posts, share confidential information, or use Chatter as a replacement to in-person conversations. Need some good examples? Check out the image above. And for more information, check out this awesome webinar, Improve User Training, User Feedback and Salesforce Adoption Leveraging the Power of Chatter.

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys