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Building a new, custom, powerful CRM for your team is hard work. It would be a shame if all your efforts went to waste, but without a plan for training up your sleeve, that’s exactly what can happen. We’ve spoken briefly in the past about the importance of coming up with a comprehensive training plan. Training is critical and requires preparation, but it doesn’t have to be hard. I’ve got some pointers to help make your training a success and help streamline user adoption.

Firstly, you need to set some goals. What are you hoping to accomplish with training? And don’t say “they should know everything,” or “they shouldn’t know anything but how to do their job.” Think of key features to focus on – if they learn nothing but this one thing, they’ll be on the road to success, and be sure to have a few more advanced items ready to go for those that get it fast. If your top achievers are bored, they won’t retain anything. Next, keep in mind that training should be an experience, not a lecture – if your team doesn’t try anything, they’ll forget everything. Finally, plan goals for user adoption and incentives for your users who meet those goals – consider giving a Starbucks card to the first user to log 100 calls or a pair of Disneyland tickets for the first deal taken from start to finish. Make sure the goals are attainable and not too distant to imagine. Excitement breeds adoption, so build excitement. Good luck with your training efforts!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys