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Whether you’re new to the Salesforce community, or have been around for years, you understand the vast potential of the platform. With incredibly powerful functionality, and new features rolling out quarterly, keeping up with the system can feel daunting while trying to keep up with your growing business. Not to worry, these cheat sheets, designed by Salesforce, can give you some useful tips and tricks for making an impact while you grow your knowledge!

One of the most difficult things about Salesforce can be wrapping your head around what it can and cannot do. Having resources like the cheat sheets provided here can help simplify learning the features available on the platform. Among my favorites is the Salesforce1 Admin Cheat Sheet. Many Salesforce customers haven’t fully jumped on the Salesforce1 bandwagon and this resource gives a powerful crash course to get started. I also enjoy the Visualforce Cheat Sheet because it provides some useful tips for getting your custom pages to behave the way you expect. Check them out along with all the rest, and start building something cool today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys