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As a team leader, supervisor, or executive at your company, it can be overwhelming keeping track of all the business your sales team is moving through the pipeline. You probably skip looking at individual Opportunities and focus your attention on Dashboards. And if you’re not a Salesforce user, it’s up to your team to keep you posted as things happen. When especially big deals come up, you need to know so that you can make sure the right people are involved to win the deal. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way to alert everyone who needs to know when one of those big deals is looking promising? Have I got a treat for you!

Big Deal Alerts is not a new feature in Salesforce, but it is certainly an underutilized one. You know workflows, and they can be very helpful in alerting your team when big stuff is on the move, but then you have to manually choose the data to display, get all the merging right, and when a change is needed, track it down in your piles of active workflows. Big Deal Alerts are easy to configure by going to Setup -> Customize -> Opportunities -> Big Deal Alert, and then just filling in a few easy to understand fields. When a deal hits, you’ll receive a snapshot of the Opportunity based on the page layout. It’s that simple! Check out this underutilized feature today!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys