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Salesforce FilesIs the combination of documents, notes and attachments slowing you down? Is it unwieldy to manage the different file types when you need data fast? If so, you may want to consider moving from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience. One the highlights of Lightning, is the switch from notes and attachments to Salesforce Files. In fact, Salesforce is betting on you liking it so much, that they haven’t given you any other options for document types. Gone are the days where you attach multiple file types to a related record. We are now in the era of Salesforce Files.

So what are Files exactly? Files is a document organization system that converts all documents, attachments, and notes into a Salesforce File. Functionality wise, they are a lot like Google Docs.  Salesforce Files are shareable, editable and make it easy for your team to manage all of their important information. What’s more, Files are shared and stored in a folder library system, keeping everything organized in a single location. In short, files do more and provide greater functionality than simple attachments. Though this switch may take time for some users to adopt, the upside of using Files should be more than worth the effort.

Click here for a short video checklist to help you get to most from Salesforce Files!