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Let’s face it, no matter what you do to convert your processes from reliance on static files to nice, clean, fluid data, you’re never going to be able to escape the need for attachments. There’s contracts and agreements, photos, hand-written surveys and reports, bank statements, legal documents, and more. You may already have a file sharing system that everyone has down to a science – maybe Dropbox or a folder on your server, and if you’ve been working with that for years, you may think “why do I need to bother with attachments in Salesforce?” Well, it’s not just about file storage; attachments in Salesforce are so much more than that!

The more you use Salesforce, the more it becomes the central repository for all your business processes. Keeping records up to date means not having to pass around paper files for clients and deals. Making sure the Status matches the current status of a record allows managers to keep on top of their whole department. It’s no different for documents. Uploading an application to a record means that whoever is working on that record has what they need, and the file stays with the record all the way through the process. Adding attachments to Chatter lets your team collaborate, share, and work together. Uploading files to Salesforce lets you share important documents with your team and instantly get a new version out to everyone who needs it. I recommend you check out the Salesforce help page on the Differences between Files, Salesforce CRM Content, Salesforce Knowledge, Documents, and Attachments to get some more information on how to leverage Salesforce’s file sharing tools!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys