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A brand new lead is different from a lead you’ve been grooming for a few weeks. The information you collect on the first call can help you qualify the lead, but some of that information can be irrelevant when they are showing interest in specific products or after the deal closes. Having every field needed for every stage of a deal on one page can get messy, especially when there are multiple departments involved. Wouldn’t it be great if the page layout changed based on the stage of the lead, focusing on the most important information? Salesforce has you covered!

To optimize your page layouts, all you have to do is create multiple Page Layouts and Record Types for whatever object you want to customize. Create a new Page Layout to correspond to each new Record Type and assign them accordingly, taking into consideration the Profiles that they are being assigned to. Next, create workflow rules to update the Record Type based on your desired criteria, such as Status or Stage. Now, when your users update their records, the page layout will update to display the information they really need to see to make better decisions and generate more revenue!

-Jared and the Salesforce Guys