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If your business is looking to do more with Salesforce, customizing your Salesforce CRM environment can build on the power of the platform and offer improved and extended functionality. Every business is unique, and while Salesforce is a powerful tool off the shelf, working with the right Salesforce CRM consulting partner can help you leverage the right integrations to make Salesforce work best for you. Below are some of the top integrations available for Salesforce, especially for those involved in alternative lending and related industries.Woman customizing work environment on desktop and digital workspace crm


1. Custom Default Values

Salesforce is a powerful tool to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Custom default values can save your users time every time they complete an action that requires filling fields. Default values, pre-populated in fields, both save time and also improve accuracy and consistency across the organization since there are fewer fields to fill in manually.


When a new record is created, values are automatically inserted into custom fields. That default value can be preset to an exact value. This is useful for checkboxes being selected or unselected by default or other values that should default for each new record. The value can also be based on a preset formula. For example, a rate or term could be set based on a set of criteria and calculated as the record is created. This data can be calculated based on information such as the person creating the record or information about the customer based on merge fields.


2. Custom Sales Stages

Salesforce comes with default sales stages built in. However, since each organization has its own unique sales process, having your Salesforce CRM Consulting partner assist you in creating custom sales stages will make Salesforce a much more effective tool for your business. With custom sales stages, you can lay out your entire sales process with defined opportunity stages. Customization allows you to create custom fields, add custom features, and even embed materials, prompts, and tips in each step.


3. Custom Navigation for Salesforce Lightning

If you are using a Salesforce Lightening app like our Fundingo loan servicing software, you can customize the navigation menu both in the app and on the Lightning Experience desktop. For example, administrators can determine which items are available in the navigation bar based on the organization’s needs. At the same time, individual users can reorder, rename, or remove navigation menu items to customize the experience based on how they personally interact with the app.


4. Get the Help You Need to Make Salesforce Work for You

The more you customize your Salesforce CRM environment, the more it will help your people reach their personal and organizational goals. Even minor customizations can save considerable time. When you multiply the time saved on one step across the whole organization, you can see how valuable these integrations are.


If you need assistance customizing your Salesforce CRM environment, CloudMyBiz is ready and able to be your Salesforce CRM Consulting partner. We will take the time to learn about your business and create and customize the solution to help you make the most of your Salesforce CRM.