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We all know that companies can automate all sorts of processes to save time, empower employees and generally become more successful. From things like adding leads, scheduling emails or generally streamlining business processes, most companies have little bits and pieces set up to help themselves out.

However, there are a number of lesser talked about tasks that can absolutely give you an unexpected boost! Take a look at this brief list and see how they can help your company.

Marketing: Researching relevant topics using Google Alerts.

  • Marketers need to stay on top of industry trends and changes in order to best connect with their customers. Why spend time every week, month or day looking up and browsing through mountains of content. Let the content come to you through custom created alerts!

Customer Support/Relationships: Personalized emails

  • Little gestures can go a long way, such as sending out personalized birthday or anniversary emails. Schedule them in advance, or, if you have an advanced CRM and marketing platform connector, such as Pardot and Salesforce, you can have those emails go out automatically on the relevant date, with custom email templates that pull customer information from the record.

Admin: Invoices & Bill Pay

  • Whether you have a long list of customer invoices to collect on, or your own bills to pay, it can be a bit overwhelming and certainly time consuming. There are a plethorea of apps out there that can help you out with automated payments, automated invoice reminders and more! Of course, if you have Salesforce, choose one of the various integrated apps from the AppExchange, and you will have even more customer access and data at your fingertips.


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-Ryan and the CloudMyBiz Team


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