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What good is your data doing if it’s not being used? While there are plenty of Salesforce apps for lenders, they’re only good if you understand how to use them. Fragmented data across multiple programs is harder to keep track of and interpret, costing crucial insights into borrowers. How can you get the most out of your lending CRM?

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The job of a Salesforce consultant is to make sure that your company has the best tools for their Salesforce CRM. This can include recommending apps, business consulting services, training your staff, and researching your company to create a custom Salesforce CRM solution. That said, with hundreds of thousands of consultants to choose from, knowing how to choose one is a skill in itself.

So what should you know when choosing a Salesforce consultant? Number one, ask your Salesforce Account Executive for help. They can help you compile a list of Salesforce consultants who work in finance and lending. But how do you tell what your company may need in an uncertain financial climate? There are a few constants that you can still rely on.