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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you may remember a tip we brought you a few years ago that lets you easily add barcodes to any object in Salesforce for free. While free is a great price tag and it will take any admin only a few minutes to set up, there are some limitations. If you want your barcode available in offline content like PDFs, it may not play nice due to some standard Salesforce limitations, and if the webservice ever goes offline, you’re out of luck. If you need a more powerful, scalable, permanent solution for barcodes in Salesforce, you need to check out Gimbal!

Gimbal Barcode is a simple VisualForce component that renders any string as a barcode. It can be used on VisualForce pages that are rendered as a PDF. It can be used within a repeat tag, to generate a series of printable barcode tags.

While Gimbal Barcode isn’t free, $36/company/month is a tiny investment, making this app a great option for taking your Salesforce barcodes to the next level. Check it out today!