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Salesforce’s new State and Country Picklists can work wonders, but the process to implement this new feature can take some time and effort, including cleaning up your data before finally throwing the on-switch. While you can always roll back the State and Country Picklists, this process can be a bit cumbersome. If you need a faster, easier solution, the free CountryComplete App on the Salesforce AppExchange has your back with a powerful tool that gives you Country and State picklists along with address validation and some triggers to keep your data consistent and clean.

CountryComplete is a simple extension to the standard Salesforce interface which provides an Autocomplete list on the country fields and validation of values against the ISO standard country names. Your users will no longer be left wondering which names to use and will make the entry less error prone.

CountryComplete does not require you to make any changes to your Salesforce objects, custom triggers or form edits. Simply drop the CountryComplete component on to the sidebar and Autocomplete will attach itself to the standard country text boxes all over Salesforce. German and French support allows your users to enter values in their own language.

Watch their video below and check out CountryComplete today!

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