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Currency Conversion Tool

In the ever expanding global market of the 21st Century, it’s important to be able to do business with your customers wherever they may be. Salesforce knows this, and has built-in multi-currency support. The problem is, sometimes you don’t need an Opportunity, you don’t want to create and save records, wait for page loads, change settings. You just need to see a price in a different currency. “You told me the price in USD, what’s it going to cost me in Euros?” The team at Salesforce Labs gets you, and they’ve created the awesome Currency Conversion Tool!

Convert currencies on the go. Enter an amount and specify the currency, then with one click convert that to all currencies set up in your org. Use this component in the Lightning App Builder to quickly add it to your apps.

The Currency Conversion Tool is free, mobile friendly, and ready to work with any currencies configured in your org. Give it a try today!