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This week is all about taking it easy, but if you’re a Salesforce admin or developer, there’s no such thing. If you need to review Salesforce configurations, permissions, and security settings, you’re looking at dozens of pages and scores of clicks. We can’t have that this week! We’re trying to kick back and relax after the holidays! You need a way to take all of the information you need and gather it in one place for your review as quickly as possible. Well, I’ve got good news for you – there’s an app for that. Check out CWB(Config Workbook) & Org Comparator!

This tool is very useful to extract the metadata from Salesforce Org in excel format. It covers FLS,Profile Details, Layout detail, Permission set , Permission set assignment, Apex detail. Admin can go through the Org permission(s) very easily.

This cool, free app is relatively new, and already has quite a few positive reviews. Check it out and start saving time today!