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Salesforce Events are a great tool for keeping track of your calendar, but the standard object is pretty limiting. You can only add certain types of fields and related lists, and if you want to just drill down to meetings and notes, you’re going to have to jump through some tight hoops in reporting to get the information you need. Building out a custom solution would take some considerable time and effort. Well, enter Salesforce Labs yet again with a solution in Simple Visit Reports that will save you hours of work!

Simple visit reports provides your company with a simple way of tracking structured visit reports. It also comes with powerful analytics to analyze your visit reports by reps, customers…

  • Track efficiently your visit reports
  • Know which customers have not been visited recently
  • Get visit statistics by reps, customers, competitors…

Read more and check out this free, unmanaged app here, and enjoy a simple solution to get quick feedback on meetings!