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You’ve done your due diligence, your client is excited about your product, and all you need is a signature to close the deal and take home your commission. You thought the hard part was over, but now you have to chase down the client to print, sign, scan, email, fax, and your done deal is taking way more of your day than is reasonable. And once it comes back in, you’re going to have to attach the signed contract in Salesforce and email all the right people before you can really close anything out. There HAS to be an easier way to manage getting contracts signed with less effort for you. And there is with DocuSign!

DocuSign is the exclusive electronic signature solution used by Salesforce’s 3,000+ sales reps to close more deals faster. Now, 90% of contracts are signed the same day; 70% within the hour. DocuSign is easy – sign anytime, anywhere, on any device either in person or online remotely.

DocuSign plays nice with Conga Composer, Workflow Rules, and the full gamut of Salesforce tools. Check it out today!