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Cirrus Insight

With its fantastic tools and ease of use, Gmail has become one of the leading email providers for businesses worldwide, and Cirrus Insight has been working for years to make it an even more powerful engine for companies who use Salesforce. We at CloudMyBiz are big fans! I’ve written about some of their cool features in the past, and we even co-hosted a webinar with them. So when I got the email that they’ve finally released an iPhone app, I knew I had to share it with you right away! With the new Cirrus Insight Mobile app, you can experience the power of Salesforce in your mobile inbox!

  • See customer context in the inbox
  • See who opens your emails with real-time notifications
  • Save emails to Salesforce
  • Create new leads, contacts & accounts
  • Set reminders to follow up
  • ​Schedule meetings and events
  • Log calls to Salesforce
  • ​Create & update opportunities & cases

Check out Cirrus Insight Mobile and bring the power of Salesforce to your iPhone today!