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If your company is anything like mine, your life revolves around Gmail…and Salesforce. You get an email from a client, respond, then pop over to Salesforce to log the communication. A lead wants to schedule a demo, and after you put it on your calendar, you jump back to Salesforce to make sure your team sees the progress. You just got a signed contract back, and now you need to download it just to reupload it in your system. I don’t know about you, but we don’t have time to double our work logging everything in two places. That’s where Cirrus Insight comes in.

Cirrus Insight is a code-free integration between your Gmail and Salesforce accounts. Once you’ve linked them, you can view open tasks, cases, and opportunities related to a contact while you’re reading an email from them. You can instantly add your response to their Salesforce record, create a follow-up task, open a new case, and create an opportunity without ever leaving your inbox. You can add an attachment to a record right from Gmail. It even syncs your Google Calendar with your Salesforce events!

To name a few Cirrus features:

  • Sync emails to Salesforce
  • Add leads and contacts to Salesforce
  • Create and assign Salesforce tasks
  • Create opportunities and cases right from Gmail
  • Use Salesforce templates in Gmail with merge fields

Check out Cirrus Insight today and bring all the power of your Salesforce account to your Gmail inbox!