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Happy Birthday

It can be tough to keep on top of birthdays in your life. You want to send your best wishes on that ever-important day to everyone, but the more you’ve got, the harder it is to make it happen. If you’ve got thousands of contacts in your Salesforce org and are trying to do birthdays, it’s just never going to happen. And the problem isn’t just birthdays. What about customer anniversaries, contract renewals, or annual check-ins? Keeping on top of all these is a nightmare. Don’t worry, Salesforce Labs has your back with Birthday eMailer for Salesforce!

This service runs once a day, and emails birthday emails to your contacts, using a Happy Birthday email template, or an anniversary template… This application is written in apex, and is free to be customized by your administrator or developer. Other uses would be to use it for anniversaries, or other scheduled notifications.

Stop pulling your hair out and start sending birthday emails today with Birthday eMailer!