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You’re a busy salesperson on the go. You’re an executive with important meetings all day. You’re out and about, and need a way of letting everyone back at the office know what you’re up to. Salesforce’s built-in Events are a great tool for managing your calendar, but the tools for integrating it with other calendar apps tend to fall a bit short – they only allow you to integrate with Google or Office, have limited viewing options for shared calendars, and don’t allow you to manage your Tasks or log calls in Salesforce while you’re on the go. You need a single, simple app to link your Salesforce calendar to the tool you use every day, and you need some way to easily log meeting and call notes back to Salesforce. You need ActivityHub!

ActivityHub saves you time by seamlessly combining CRM and all your calendars into one simple app. Supports calendaring in Salesforce, Google, Office 365, Exchange, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Live, and GoToMeeting.

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