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Chatter Usage Dashboards

Chatter is the cool tool for connecting your teams and concentrating on collaboration. One of the great things about Chatter is that, like your social media, you can get a good pulse on how well it’s being used just by looking at your Chatter feed. Lots of posts, comments, and likes speak to a thriving community. But if you want to measure your team’s engagement on Chatter, identify which users might need support and which might make good mentors, and find areas of growth within your system, there’s going to be a lot of hard work involved building challenging Custom Report Types and working out the most crucial Dashboards. Well, that, or you could just download the Chatter Usage Dashboards by Salesforce Labs.

The Chatter Adoption Dashboard includes 20 dashboard components and reports for a broad view into your org’s usage of Chatter. Extend it with your own new reports by using the 7 included Chatter custom report types!

As usual with Salesforce Labs, Chatter Usage Dashboards is a free app, so why not give it a try today!