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Tip of the Day

At CloudMyBiz, we’re always looking for cool, new apps to inspire success in the workplace. Some focus on saving you time, others help you keep your system up to date, and some serve as a jumping off point for more great things. This one caught my eye with its title (I do write our Tip of the Week after all), and surprised me with the power of its simplicity. One of the most challenging tasks, especially with a mobile workforce, is keeping your team motivated and up to date on the latest business news. Emails are great, but they can get lost in the clutter of…well…email, and an active Chatter community can be even worse. Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily get the most important news to your team in the field and never have to worry about it getting lost in the mess of life? Enter the new, free Tip of the Day for Salesforce1 Mobile!

Tip of the day is an easy way to push visual information towards Salesforce1 Mobile users. You can provide tips on Salesforce1 usage, push motivation messages, provide tips on a specific process like the sales process or advertise on campaigns running internally or externally.

It’s fun, it’s free, and its first glowing review is by the amazing blogger Phil Walton of Phil’s SFDC Tip of the Week. Check out Tip of the Day today!