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If you’ve been using computers for years, you’ve probably learned that moving your hands away from the keyboard to click something with your mouse can slow you down like nothing else. Over the years, I’ve picked up on a bunch of useful keyboard shortcuts which cut back on clicks and keep my hands on the keys as much as possible. When I do have to shuffle, I have some fun peripherals with macros I’ve programmed to make sure every click really counts. For all the awesome features of Salesforce, there really are more clicks than I’d like to count. But Shortcut Ninja has crept in and is slicing away at mouse time!

Shortcut Ninja adds keyboard hotkeys to the sidebar to increase productivity by boosting the speed of navigating through your apps. Toggle features such as Chatter on and off, or quickly create new tasks and events.

Check out Shortcut Ninja today, install it for free, and save time like never before!